Where in the World are we going?

“Nothing that results from human progress is ever achieved with unanimous consent.  And those who are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of the others.”  Christopher Columbus

I see my job as being one where I look ahead and try and determine the Bigger Picture that will frame the world of tommorrow, that world in which we must invest. My time horizon will generally not interest the trader – indeed it may seriously  ‘harm’  their performance. Rather my aim is to get the big trends and themes right even at the risk of missing out on the minutiae. Besides if I do see the future reasonably accurately, over time, I find the minutiae do tend to conform to and so confirm the big picture!



  1. Michael,

    Its been good to follow youir travels to date and to read your various refelctions. I think your insights on Aus are interesting and probably correct (as frustrating as that is for me to say).

    Question that may seem a little self serving, but really intersts me given the focus in have on sustainiblity is what signs or evidence you are seeing (if any) of a poissible leap frog by the new emerging gaints to process and activities that will match their desired growth to the availability of scarce resources, importantly water, space, arible land, some commodities?

    Trust the west coast of the Southern American continent is treating you well. Travel safe.


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